29 April 2009

Dj Direct - Former Soviet Bloc Party Breaks 2


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Direct is back with the second installment of his Stalinist-era funk mix series. This here is the comprehensive communist funk compilation..
More hard hitting than a Russian rifle butt to the face of a Chechnyan child..

Prince Kong - Behind Bars


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This Rough around the edges Hip Hop Debut EP was recorded and produced in the space of a week (whilst a certain someone was on the run from the five-oh). Upon completion Prince Kong vanished without a trace and hasn't been seen since. Expect hard hitting verses and big dutty production values..

Dj Direct - Cool Box Breaks


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For all of you who were loving ice box breaks..
Do you wanna take that shit out on road but worry you wont be able to keep it cool enough? the answer to your prayers is here! "Cool Box Breaks" you can bump this at work, at the park or even in your whip, whilst still maintaining that frosty sub zero temperature! wurrrrrd..